The TSA’s Blogger Bob Should Be Your Blogging Yoda

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Wanna see a perfect example of effective blogging for business pulled off with precision, coolness and humor? Then hop over to the Transportation Security Administration blog immediately. (N0, really.) It sounds downright impossible that an organization universally criticized for its ineptitude and crazy regulations would be so awesome at blogging, but the TSA has a secret weapon: Blogger Bob. Bob Burns, the official blogger for the TSA, gives readers a look into the kooky world of airport security with the skill, sense of humor and directness that every company blog should strive for.

Over the last two weeks, Blogger Bob has been making headlines, garnering both fans and criticism while facing controversies head-on. After an outcry in late February from breast-feeding passengers who argued they weren’t allowed to bring their breast pumps and empty bottles abroad, Blogger Bob hopped online with an apology and tried to put out the fire. Last Friday, Blogger Bob went head-to-head with another blogger who claimed he could defeat the TSA’s full body scanners. And even Bloomberg BusinessWeek jumped on the bandwagon when they applauded the coolness of Blogger Bob.

What makes Bob Burns such a great company blogger is his open and approachable look into the TSA.

“I call it the corny dad approach. I’m basically the Bob Saget of blogging,” Burns tells Bloomberg. “This isn’t really the most exciting subject, so I thought I should inject some personality into it.”

Burns himself served time on the front line of airport security, so his blog is peppered with the point of view of someone in the know. In addition to addressing current news stories involving the TSA, the blog also covers new regulations and hilarious real-life stories of passengers and what they try to get away with at security.

All of this adds up to compelling reading and the joining of a real voice to an agency many think of as humorless or soulless. Blogger Bob’s personality and fearless confrontation of sticky issues are techniques we can all inject into our blog marketing.


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