The Rise Of Opera Mini And Mobile Web Marketing

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Web marketers have been discussing the rise of mobile marketing for a few good years now. Until now, it really hasn’t taken off in a big way, probably because there has been nothing to scale that has caught on en masse. But that’s about to change.

Opera Mini is a mobile web browser that is becoming quite popular. In fact, it’s use has risen by 238% since October 2008. That’s pretty impressive growth.

Of course, that kind of growth means nothing for a web browser if marketers can’t tap into that power some how. For web marketers, the growth of Opera Mini is an opportunity just waiting to happen. Users of Opera Mini are already using Google, Facebook and Live, now Bing. And what that means is that people are searching the web using their mobile phones and engaging in social media. Where there is search and social media there is a marketing opportunity.

But how do marketers take advantage of that opportunity? First, you need to develop a mobile website. Mobile web browsers cannot read straight HTML sites. They require a special mobile website. The website can feature the same content as you primary website, but has to be developed so that mobile browsers like Opera Mini can read it. After that, it’s all about driving traffic.

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