The Rainbow Cookie Connection: How Oreo Rocked Facebook Marketing

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We’ve been talking a lot about the ever-changing face of Facebook marketing in these pages. But who knew one little rainbow cookie could say so much more than we ever could. On Monday, Oreo placed a photo of a gay pride version of its top-selling cookie and within hours, it’s become the summer’s most-talked-about Facebook marketing campaign.

The now-famous image featured a multi-layered Oreo with the creme centers in different colors of the rainbow. The cookie appeared above the date-June 25 and the word “pride” with the caption “Proudly support love.” If you were on Facebook on Monday, chances are you saw this image spread around the site at a lightening speed. This perfect example of Facebook marketing for business garnered a staggering 172,577 likes. But the real magic for Oreo happened in the comments section. What we social media marketing types pray for is engagement and the rainbow cookie got that and then some. An unfathomable 23,600 comments flooded the post. The image landed itself on the national news and the gay pride cookie was soon a hotbed for debate over marriage equality, the Bible and everything in between. The post was even shared over 50,000 times.

Talking heads debated if Oreo had a place getting involved in Gay Pride issues and blah blah blah. Oreo was really only doing what other brands like Coors and Absolute have done for years: Use the gay pride month of June to say “Hey LGBT people! If you love cookies, we love you back. You money spends the same.” Brands supporting gay rights (aka human rights) is a great thing. And leave it to a social media maverick like Oreo to develop Facebook-specific campaigns to get their followers talking. We say, long live brand Facebook engagement! Hooray for love! And pass the cookies.

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