The Odd Romance Between Bloggers & Potatoes

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Unlike Revlon or Sephora, potatoes aren’t branded per say, but they certainly are beloved. Foodies have long blogged about potatoes and their endless possibilities. In fact, some food bloggers devote entire sections and even whole blogs to potatoes. But carefully watching over our lumpy brown friend is the Idaho Potato Commission. While the Spud Sheriff helps educate the public and promote farmers and their potatoes, it also is very interested in blogging. Like the rest of us, the Commish stared to notice how crazy in love with potatoes food bloggers are. And guess what? They loved the bloggers right back! In a brilliant move, the Idaho Potato Commission created the Potato Blog Squad section on its website. Here the best of potato recipes and ideas from around the blogosphere are hanging out in one spudtacular place.

In a press release announcing the Potato Blog Squad, IPC’s Don Odiorne said, “Our active participation in the food blogging world has been extremely beneficial for all parties involved. We’ve been able to share our knowledge of various potato preparations, learn new ideas from talented cooks and reach a much larger audience.”

Aww. So what’s the moral of this little love story? Well, no matter how you mash, steam, bake or boil it, blogging-for-business makes good sense. Clearly the Potato Commission figured out if they worked with bloggers instead of ignoring them, their product could be used more (meaning more publicity, better SEO rankings and so on).

We’ve talked a lot lately in these pages about how partnering with bloggers who write about your industry or products makes as much sense as blog writing on your own. There’s a reason for that: As blogging continues to grow up, so do the unique and engaging ways brands can benefit from it. Brands and bloggers are figuring out creative partnerships that help one another. And that, my friends, is what we call true love.

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