The New Face of Facebook

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Perhaps you logged off on the 21st and didn’t see it coming. Maybe your family’s house is in the middle of nowhere didn’t have WiFi. Or maybe you got really lucky and took a few days off. Whatever the case may be, you might not have noticed the new look of Facebook. Yet, like any big star, after closer inspection, it’s clear she’s had work done. So the big question on everyone’s mind is this: Do these cosmetic changes make Facebook marketing even easier?

With a new timeline design already being tested, “Poke” getting poised to take on SnapChat and even your basic newsfeed pages looking a tad more organized and spiffy, there is no doubt Facebook was at hard work during the holiday season. Drag-and-drop photo boxes, the “what’s going on” status boxes and expanded tool bars are more signs that Facebook is determined to enter 2013 with a brand new attitude. While many of these innovations are fun and make Facebook easier, these changes don’t appear to be tailored for marketing professionals. In fact, it truly looks like Facebook is shifting its focus on monetizing its products and services. After the beating it took on the stock market this year, we can hardly say this is a surprise. From gifting options to easier-than-ever advertising settings, the business of Facebook appears to be getting down the business of making more cash. Naturally, this means Facebook is pushing companies of all sizes away from free Like page marketing and closer to paid advertising.

As the brand continues to grow up, Facebook is bound to keep morphing to meet the demands of the market, and its importance to marketers is bound to change, too. But what do you think, my social media mavens? Are we liking the most recent incarnation of Facebook or has the brand already overstayed its welcome? Sound off below!

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