The Makings of the Perfect Summer PR

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It’s summer — the season of grilling vs. baking, biking vs. driving and chilling vs. working. It’s that fabulous time of year when we collect around water on hot days and unwind amid warm evening breezes. We’re at our desks less, staying in touch more via mobile. So how does a company’s blogging and social media management help drive business during a time when everything’s so c’est la vie?

Simple: Keep it laid back. Nothing aggressive (unless it’s beach volleyball) is getting any attention until September. Ride the wave by sharing values-based messages on your blog. For example: Going on vacation? Call your last pre-vacation blog post “Gone Fishing” and explain what you’re doing with your time away from the office. Maybe it means quality time with your kids. Maybe you’re volunteering with your church. Maybe it’s catching up on chores at home. Summer is the perfect time to share this side of your life.

And don’t forget the power of images. Customers like knowing that business owners are people, too — so Instagram or Facebook the latest fun from your time off. Keep it clean, of course: No alcoholic beverages or nudity (sadly, these days that even includes even baby bums running through sprinklers). You can also engage followers by asking them to post photo responses to your own (again, keeping things squeaky clean will help you avoid having to clean up a mess later).

Finally, summer is a good time to drop hints about big things you have planned for the fall. Say you’re announcing new services, or expanding your office: Now’s a good time to say you’re resting up for what’s sure to be a busy fall, what with everything you have planned! This helps give the impression that things are booming for you business-wise, and customers love doing business with successful companies.

Now, go enjoy some time off. You’ve earned it! But if you need some help while you’re away, give us a shout. Just contact us and let us know what part of your business you’re hoping to grow, and we’ll get right on it.

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