The magic of article marketing

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Anyone with a computer has seen it happen a billion times. One day, you read  a quirky article about something random like the benefits of celery, and the next day the same article has been forwarded throughout your office and even picked up by major wire services. In a short matter of time, the same story pops up on the evening news. It’s a virtual wildfire with unknown origins that spreads like magic across all media incarnations. Those lucky enough to tap into this magic have found a way to communicate with mass audiences in a short amount of time. For the rest of us, this process looks like something created by a wizard and certainly something that a small business could never replicate.

Fortunately, the magic of article marketing is a power that anyone can learn. By revisiting our old English classes, employing some modern technology, and adopting a “can do” spirit, article marketing can be a fun and unmysterious process.

Catchy Titles – If we dig deep into our memories we can all remember an English professor who constantly yammered away about the importance of good essay content. Well, it turns out they were right. Eye popping titles that cleverly preview the subject of the article are a surefire way to attract the intended audience. “Great Recession Proof Vacation Ideas” is an example of a title that simply tells readers what’s to be found in the article. Also, succient titles are a fool proof way for your message to wind up at the top of search engines.

Well Written Bodies- Our old battle-axe English teacher can be recalled when writing the meat of articles as well. Great Internet articles are ones that quickly get to the point, so keeping them the proper length is key. No longer than 700 words is a nice rule of thumb when trying to get the ADD crowd to actually read. Additionally, the writing of said articles should be concise, entertaining, and free of error. With dozens of traditional publications going out of business, great writers are now producing works online meaning that the poorly produced web pieces are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Use Every Outlet– Now that a perfectly written article has been produced, the trick is making sure that it winds up in the right hands. Forking over the cash to an online wire service is a costly yet low-risk route to take. These agencies use vast resources to get your article to hundreds of sites. If, however, budgetary constraints prohibit the use of such services, there are still effective ways to speak to readers and potential clients. Sites like publish thousands of articles that provide links directly to your business’s website… for free! Placing articles on websites with huge readerships like and is another great free way to get your message out.

Lest we forget the purpose of article marketing which is to get your business and product to the desired audience. Engaging pieces should inspire potential clients to learn more and to investigate further. Using the “magic” formula of article makreting we accomplish both of these goals.


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