The latest in Tweet advertising is a hoot.

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HootSuite just launched an exclusive app made just for Android. HootSuite is kind of your all-in-one application for business Tweets. The calendar feature lets users compose messages and place the desired Tweets to pop up on a time and date wheel. HootSuite has been a hit in the original flavor and now the ease of use is at social media marketers fingertips. Scrolling and auto-updates are supposedly easier on the Android version of the app but some reviewers say otherwise.  Nevertheless, the clamoring and buzz around the release of this app proves that Twitter, love it or hate it, won’t become an endangered web species just yet. This little app is hot on the heels of another Twitter-related announcement that should be music to social media marketers’ ears. 140proof is now integrating Twitter with paid advertisements thanks in part to the aforementioned HootSuite. Marketers can now make sure their advertisements reach the proper Tweet audience. Meanwhile, Twitter itself is hard at work to launch an advertising platform of it’s very own that is said to be very similar to Google’s AdSense.

The reaction to Twitter joining the advertising game has been much commented on and debated about already. Internet purists are already saying that since the previously ad-free state of Twitter has disappeared that the site will dip in popularity. Others are speculating economic trouble in what has finally lured Twitter over to the darkside of on-site advertising.  And some hardcore Tweet-fanatics are dreading having their precious streams littered with pointless advertisements promising to stop baldness.

Personally, I think it’s a good thing. Look, we knew this time was coming. If you’re still operating under this pink cloud that the Internet is a free, happy place where nobody is trying to sell you anything, then I have some bad news for you. The web is the greatest and easiest way to access marketing tools around today so why not take advantage of it? twitter needed a shot in the arm anyway, so maybe a slick and aggressive advertising makeover is just what they needed.

What do you think, Brandsplatters- does Twitter advertising leave you tweeting for joy or do you  long for the good old fashioned ad-free Twitter days?

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