The Fast Food Follow: Which Chain Reigns Supreme on Social Media?

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As social media experts, we’re always curious to see which brands really know how to rock Facebook and Twitter marketing. So, naturally, we ate up the latest Unmetric report. The study collected its data from January 1, 2012 to April 30, 2012, delving deep into which fast food franchises are serving up tasty social media meals and which ones are far from “super-sized.”

When it comes to Facebook, Burger King saw the biggest jump in followers — a 10 percent increase since January. McDonald’s had a 118 percent jump on Twitter during the same time period. McDonald’s rules when it comes to responding to tweets, too. Ronald & Co. have drive thru-like reflexes as they respond to tweets 29 seconds faster on average than any other fast food chain. Burger King, on the other hand, takes upwards of 60 hours to respond to Twitter fans. The “fast casual” Mexican joint Chipotle wins with Twitter engagement, too, by responding to 100 percent of its followers 15,002 tweets. Chipotle also has one of the highest percentages of female Facebook fans at 61 percent. But ice cream purveyor Baskin-Robbins draws the highest concentration of female Facebook fans (80 percent), followed by Dairy Queen (72 percent), Sonic (70 percent), Dunkin’ Donuts (67 percent) and Chick-fil-A (66 percent). Carl’s Jr. is a hit with men on Facebook with 53 percent, followed by Krispy Kreme (51 percent), In-N-Out (46 percent), Burger King (45 percent) and KFC (44 percent).

Yet it was one particular finding we here at Brandsplat found truly inspiring. Tiny by comparison yet mighty with devoted fans, In-N-Out ranked No. 1 in overall social media fan engagement. This proves you don’t need a zillion locations around the globe and an endless team of marketers working non-stop. In-N-Out is one of those small brands with a gigantic following. What does the company do to keep that following? Good news: it’s something we can all implement into our social media practices — thoughtfully engage. By talking to its Facebook fans and responding to tweets, In-N-Out strengthens its already massive following.

Regardless of whether you’re in the French fry or French perfume business, every consumer following is the same. They all want brands to give them something interesting to talk about.

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