The F in Facebook Stands For Fun

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Okay, we get it already: Facebook is spying on us. It’s sending our society to hell. It’s so evil that it could star in a movie as the monster that rips open the Internet like a wild dog who’s just stumbled on a renegade roast chicken. *Sigh.*

Haters be damned, marketing insiders and businesses of all sizes continue to strike gold with the social media marketing, online branding and customer outreach by using Facebook. The social media campaigns that utilize Facebook and succeed are the ones that don’t take the whole thing too seriously. They know it’s OK to have a little fun with social media.

Krispy Kreme, that delectable donuts dealer, truly gets that Facebook should be all about having a good time. And what could be more fun than a campfire sing-along? Krispy Kreme has added a virtual campsite on its Facebook page where you and your virtual friends can sing donut-ified versions of campground classics. Kamp Krispy encourages fans to place photos on animated slots before engaging in rousing renditions of songs like “There’s a Hole in The Donut” and “She’ll Be Coming Around The Mountain.” Lighthearted and silly, Kamp Krispy is summer social media marketing at its best.

Also having a good time on Facebook and all over social media is America’s favorite plastic diva, Barbie. Barbie recently launched a Foursquare treasure hunt that has Barbie freaks of all ages searching New York City for little plastic shoes and other items. Barbie uses her Facebook page to give her thoughts on new movies or the Teen Choice awards while pushing her plethora of pink products. Mattel has brought Barbie to social media in hopes of speaking to women who grew up with the toy as well as the tween set that still plays with the doll.

Another example of Facebook frothy fun is Altoids Tinnovation – featuring flashlights, mp3 players and artsy masterpieces all created by fans using the company’s signature little red tins. Tinnovations fits snugly with the mint company’s hip marketing and bold visual aesthetic.

But what do you all have to say? Is there still fan to be had on business Facebook pages or has it lost its novelty? Sound off below!

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