Thanks to Our Deal Obsession, Email Marketing Roars Back

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It’s curious watching the trends and tides of marketing. Sometimes we see formerly much-used channels (goodbye, MySpace!) drift out to sea, never to return. Some tread water and bob in place (somebody throw article marketing a life-preserver!). And there’s the rare marketing and branding platform that seems like it’s on the brink of extinction but rises again like a Phoenix. This is precisely what email marketing has done over the past several months, and we think we know why — and how anybody can put email marketing back on their branding to-do list.

Not since the early days of Internet marketing have consumers been so feverishly obsessed with checking their email. Thanks to Groupon, Living Social and other Daily Deal of the Moment websites that send out announcements of the latest and greatest and cheapest thing we never knew we needed, email marketing is relevant again. With or without the site-specific apps, anybody can be privy to these deals as long as they have an email account. Shoppers are just a click away in these emails from buying the day’s hottest discount — and the explosion has just begun. Other non-deal specific sites are returning to email marketing to alert followers of cheap stuff, free goodies and the latest products. Ans with email being more accessible than ever with smartphones, the options are endless.

We think email marketing should be given another look for brands of all sizes, especially since now it’s easier than ever. Thanks to technological advancements and handy email marketing services like Constant Contact, it’s not nearly as laborious as it used to be. But the ease isn’t the only reason why email marketing is more relevant than ever: Email marketing fits with the busy lifestyle of tech-savvy consumers who want their deals and favorite products to come to them. With thoughtful and fun-to-read content, email marketing can actually turn into something people look forward to getting in their inboxes.

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