TCB for FB: Facebook for Business Quietly Arrives

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Social media marketing nuts have spent so much time lamenting how frustrated they are with Google + that the release for Facebook for Business slid completely under the radar. Is the new product a marketer’s best friend, or could it be just a rehash of what the Facebook-savvy already know? We took a peek at it to find out if Facebook for Business is worth your time.

Since the beginning of the year, Facebook has released a variety of sites and products designed to make marketing and advertising on the social media giant even easier. Facebook for Business is a one-stop-destination for all of its marketing tools. The ins and outs of advertising, sponsored stories and pages are all here. For the FB virgin or recently returning, Facebook for Business is a powerful introduction tool that takes the mystery out of where things are located and how to make them work on Facebook.

Particularly useful is Facebook for Business’ explanation of how Pages operate. If we had a nickel for every time we had to explain how a Facebook page is different from a profile, we’d be lunching with Zuckerberg himself. Each section breaks down the basics of Facebook marketing techniques while giving users examples, screen shots and videos to illustrate the point.

The overall effect of this tool? It makes you feel like you need to be advertising and marketing on Facebook. In fact, this manifesto is hammered out over and over again in every nook and cranny of Facebook for Business. The hard sell aspect may repel more seasoned marketers, but it could be a great tool to help clients understand how Facebook marketing works. This isn’t to say Facebook for Business doesn’t have useful information for even the well-seasoned social media pro. For example, we learned how easy it is to launch Sponsored Stories and immediately put that on our to-do list for one Facebook-obsessed client.

All in all, Facebook for Business isn’t going to rock your world if you’re familiar with social media marketing, but it’s a great resource from newcomers and a good refresher for folks getting back into the Facebook marketing game.

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