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Are you allergic to peanuts? Are you lactose intolerant? Does eating fish give you the hives? If you’re one of the 70 million+ people in North America who suffer from food sensitivities or food allergies, help is on the way. Today, advertising and marketing think-tank TAXI New York announced the release of, a free online and mobile tool that allows you to catalog and manage the foods you eat. It’s both a web and mobile tool that you can customize for your particular food sensitivities. You can even design your own custom home page with drag-and-drop style layout elements right on the site. No only do you get to  control the content, you can even match up with other people who share similar profiles so you can share recipes, advice and build a community. Once you’ve got that all set up, you can access everything you create online from your mobile phone. Pretty cool. According to, the site’s features include:

My Safe Foods: Allows users to create customized lists of “personally approved” foods and share them. A great way to find new recommendations for people on restricted diets.

My Recipes: Input your own recipes, discover new recipes, share with others, and add ingredients to a shopping list or share with friends and family.

My Shopping Lists: Create and manage multiple lists; update or add items from your safe-foods list; and share with teachers, daycare facilities, camp counselors, friends and family.

Community Forums: Share ideas with other people suffering from food sensitivities.

News Modules: Receive up-to-the-minute product safety alerts or custom information on food allergies, celiac and more – from around the world.

Mobile Access: Many features of are designed to be available to anyone with a web-enabled phone, allowing users to access their online account to verify that a product is on a safe-food list, check a recipe’s ingredient list and more. Mobile works on just about every web-enabled phone around the world.

Boun appetito.

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