Content Curation: Expand Your Audience without Expanding Your Workload

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Content Curation

In the digital marketing age, inbound traffic to your website is the primary concern when looking for ways to expand your marketing efforts. To accomplish this, it is important for a business owner to develop a well-planned content strategy that includes a variety of methods for pulling in new readers. Content curation can be one of the most powerful ways to bring in new readers without committing too much time or resources.

What is Content Curation?

In its simplest form, content curation is simply taking updates, news, articles, etc. from a specific topic and sharing it with your audience. This can be as simple as taking an article written on the news and posting it as a link on your blog. Sometimes curation gets seen as some magical way to take other people’s work and use it to pull in new customers on your own website. In reality, there is absolutely nothing magical about curation, but like any other part of a marketing strategy it can go a long way in helping to bring more visitors to your website.

Though there are a variety of factors that influence a website’s search engine ranking, inbound links are one of the best methods to improve this ranking. By using content curation, business owners enable themselves to post new content as often as they like, which makes it that much more likely that someone will share a link to the business’s website. Through this principle, curation can help to draw in users who would never have found the site if it only contained original content.

Where Does This Fit in With a Content Strategy?

A complete content strategy requires a schedule where every post is determined ahead of time. This means that original content will be posted on a regular schedule and that curated content will be included on a complimenting schedule. Though some individuals have used curation to accrue a large Facebook or Twitter following, this strategy is useless to a business owner without some original content. Remember that the goal of any business is to convert leads into sales, so having an effective, original content schedule is just as important as having curated content.

Regardless of how you schedule it within your marketing strategy, content curation is definitely a tool that any business should strongly consider when looking to expand its audience. The time investment is much less than constantly posting original content, and hiring someone to manage your content curation is less expensive than hiring someone to write original content. Despite this, remember that this type of curation is only part of your strategy and without original content you will never be able to convert these extra views into customers.