Tackling the Twitter To-do List

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We couldn’t help but be inspired a few days ago when Mashable ran this piece about seven Twitter campaigns to learn from. We all need a Twitter tutorial from time to time about which marketing techniques work and which ones we should say “no thank you” to. Yet sometimes we need to keep it even simpler than that. Sometimes we just need to clear away the Twitter trash and figure out what we should do next. That’s why we’ve come up with a handy Twitter to-do list for newcomers and old-time tweeters alike.

Twitter Time: We talk endlessly about setting aside the proper amount of time for social media marketing (and will probably continue to do so until it sinks in). The thing is, unless you have a designated time devoted to Twitter marketing each day (we think you can knock it out in under 2 hours), you won’t get the desired results. Take a gander at some of the aforementioned successful campaigns and realize none of that happened without time and elbow grease. A daily Twitter routine will help you feel less chaotic and more active in your social media marketing campaign.

Follower or Foe: An easy, yet time-consuming, task to get off your plate is cleaning up your followers. Are they robots that pump out cold marketing messages and never communicate? Are they street corner preachers who yell nonsensically? Or are they just meanies who don’t have the class to follow you back? If so, dump them. They aren’t adding anything to your Twittersphere and should be disposed of ASAP.

Get Chatty: We get it — you use Twitter for work (and so does everybody else) but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Engaging in discussions or conversations is why Twitter exists, and you never know what it will yield. I recently found a caterer who donated her services to a non-profit I do PR for just by chatting with her on Twitter! Use both the “social” and the “network” parts of Twitter and watch amazing things happen.

Tweet Pretty: Take an hour or so every few weeks to update your Twitter page’s appearance. Changing your graphics and pictures on Twitter has never been easier or more fun. It’s an old, shallow social media adage that proves to be true, “look cute and get more friends.”

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