Swallowing apple’s tablet for mobile marketing

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Yesterday’s unveiling of Apple’s new Ipad unleashed a plethora of speculation, criticism, bad PMS jokes, and wagging tongues. The Ipad, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, is Mac’s 1.5 ounce portable mini-computer that combines the companies previous products the Iphone and the Itouch to become a tech-fanatic’s Star Trek fantasy brought to life.  Apple enthusiasts are clamoring to get their  little hands on the Ipad, while Mac haters are praying that this latest product will fall flat on its flat little face. Whatever your stance on the Ipad is, it can’t be denied that Mac has… once again changed the mobile game.

The multi-tasking tablet could potentially open multiple doors for mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is the one new media marketing technique that has been left in the wings, waiting for it’s moment to breakout. When companies initially tried to hop on the cellphone craze, it was a flat prospect filled with robotic text messages, lame graphics, and little opportunity. Thanks to larger screens like that of the Ipad and bigger networks, the sky’s the limit. Traditionally, marketing plans used for publications can now be employed to reach out to potential customers through mobile marketing. With the touch of a finger, people can easily connect with retailers anywhere in the world. Also, the mobile versions of our favorite newspapers and magazines are new avenues to be seen by customers. Plus with the current ease of playing videos on mobile devices, original videos can be watched and distributed without having to be tied to a desktop. Lastly, products like the Ipad are beckoning for new creative marketing trailblazers who can find new ways to connect with clients.


  1. Marsha Goodwin says

    Let’s see who in the print MSM latches onto this device. I mean, could the old LIFE magazine work well on this? And will sand from the beach mess it up?

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