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It’s a blog marketing tale as old as the Seven Seas. Ambitious online buccaneer starts out on a blogging adventure to reach new customers and help with his SEO rating. Oh, but the blogging waters are rough and not for the faint of heart. After a few quiet weeks and some tough days, our buccaneer abandons his mission and the blog sinks to the bottom of the Internet ocean.

Okay, so we’re not exactly Robert Louis Stevenson, but you get our point. It’s so easy to abandon a blog once it doesn’t go our way and work the way we want it to. Worse, a failed blog might discourage small and independent brands from using the platform. And that’s a darn shame. Most of the time our blogging ideas come from a great place. So we say why not dig up those sunken blogs and give it another shot?

Looking at defunct old blog campaigns can be an enlightening experience. Writing past blogging endeavors off as failures is only part of the story. Most companies get into blogging with great intentions and the hope of being able to honestly and sincerely tell their blog’s story. I recently sifted through a blog project that burnt out and faded away. Until revisiting it recently, I just assumed I was doing it wrong. As I read the old posts the other day, I realize I wasn’t “doing it wrong.” I wasn’t doing it enough. I wasn’t doing any marketing of the blog. But I wasn’t blogging incorrectly. What I was trying to do is tell the story of my brand and what I do. Some the old posts were indeed treasures and gave ideas for other blogs and marketing posts.

That second lie that failed bloggers tell themselves is that since it didn’t work the first time, it won’t work again. Pfffft! We think the lessons learned the first go ’round can only help make your new, sparkly blog even better. By dipping your toes in the water, you already know what to avoid and how you want your new blog to look. Most blogs go through a series of makeovers either in style or content. A sunken blog could just need some sprucing and new content to make the blog you always wanted.

So, our blogging pirates, got any sunken blog treasures lying around you wanna tell us about? Give us “arrrgggh” the details in the comments section below, maties!

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