Spring Social Media Strategy Sessions #3: Facebook

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All week long, we’ve been talking about using springtime, this season of renewal, as a time to make new social media marketing strategies. But when it comes to Facebook marketing, most brands already have a plan or have been using the channel for years. Yet who among us couldn’t use a shot in the arm or a refresher in our Facebook campaigns? Today’s final installment of the Spring Social Media Strategy Sessions looks at revamping our Facebook strategies with style, substance and ease.

Analyze: Spring is a terrific time to look at your Facebook efforts thus far. Use Facebook’s awesome analytic tools to get a clear idea of what works, what doesn’t and how to reach more folks. Do followers respond better to visual posts or text-heavy posts? Which links posted by your brand are the most popular? When did you experience bumps up in likes and, conversely, are there any events that caused you to lose likes? By honestly analyzing your Facebook campaigns with questions like these, you can get a solid feel for where your Facebook efforts should go in the future.

Visualize: Just like that fresh coat of paint in your bathroom, new images can really spruce up an old Facebook page. Changing a Like page’s cover photo or posting photos from your latest event are just the start. New data point to image-rich posts on Facebook being shared ten times more than posts without said images. To start, try photos of new products, photos of stellar employees and pictures of life around the office. Make a plan to include images in your status updates at least a few times a week.

Intellectualize: The more we market on Facebook, the more we learn that the channel is most effective for brands that don’t just sell, but that also participate in lively discussions. While avoiding controversy and drama, it’s possible to talk with followers about things in a lively and spirited manner. Jot down some ideas for discussion probing questions, topics and ideas that are sure to get your followers engaged.

Energize: If your Facebook feed is feeling flat and sort of blah, you are not alone. Most brands dump Facebook or let their pages sit for months because they feel uninspired. Luckily, there are tons of ideas and easy solutions to this problem. Have new employees create original videos, change the time of day you do social media updates, create weekly Facebook-based contests — basically, Google around for ideas to keep Facebook fascinating for you and your followers.

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