Spring Social Media Strategy Sessions #2: Pinterest

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Welcome to Part 2 of our Spring Social Media Strategy Sessions! Yesterday we talked Twitter marketing (if you missed it, read it right here!), and while the little blue bird is effective, it might not be for everyone. Let’s say you have a business that lends itself to visual marketing: Pinterest might be the perfect social media marketing waters to dip your toes in. Since the site’s launch in 2010, social media experts have helped brands large and small reach new audiences using Pinterest’s unique pin-board style of image-sharing. And the platform might be right for you, too — but before you go pinning all willy-nilly, here’s some quick strategy to put you on the right track.

Learn It: Pinterest is unlike any other social media platform out there, so before you get started, learn about the site and how brands are using it to reach consumers. This will help you determine if the site is right for you. This infographic is a good, basic 101 to show you how it works for other companies.

No Boring Boards: Before you start pinning, you’ll want to come up with boards that your followers will be interested in. Beyond Pinterest’s preset categories, you’ll find the more specific and unique your boards are, the more followers you’ll get. Keep boards fresh by regularly adding new pins and by creating new seasonal boards.

Pin Specific: Upon first entering the visual all-you-can-eat buffet that is Pinterest, the impulse might be to pin everything in sight. Well, don’t. Ideally, you should post enough of your images on your site to pin on specific boards first, and then you can use the neverending fountain of links on Pinterest. Pin items, videos and images that are relevant to your brand. Translation: Don’t just pin stuff cause it’s purty. Use the awesome visual format of Pinterest to sell your brand, your products or a lifestyle associated with your company.

Pass It On: We’ve heard clients complain that consumers don’t follow them as much on Pinterest as they do on other sites. We can’t give you a specific number, but we’d guess that most of these folks haven’t told their followers on other sites that their brand is on Pinterest. Make sure your blog posts are hooked up with widgets so readers can pin away — and also make sure your website is adorned with a Pinterest badge to direct followers.

Pinterest is the new kid on the block and is heavily influenced by trends, so if you’re going to play the Pinterest game, make sure you have the stamina to stay current.

Tomorrow, we kick it old school with the grandaddy of all social media sites and give you a Facebook marketing strategy that is easy and really works!

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