Social networking site gets facelift. Renames itself “discovery engine” .

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As everyone knows, Twitter is the hot new social networking site that has both regular Joe and businesses all excited. Recently, a Twitter Blog Post announced a freshly painted front page. Big deal, you might think if you’re an avid Tweeter, because you rarely interface with the front page. But when you think about it, it could be a big deal to a newbie coming to the site for the first time. You’ll notice that the “what are you doing” tagline has been replaced with a much more direct, “Share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the word.” And just above a search-like query box, there sits “See what people are saying about…”  Also, at the bottom of the main content area we see icons and feeds that list search, hot trends, and popular topics. This all leads to how Twitter is repositioning itself as a “discovery engine for what is happening right now”. This new strategy is aimed at newbies and businesses who want to get in on the gotta-have-it-right-now user base. So now Twitter is a discovery engine? I can’t keep up with all these new terms. I thought Wolfram Alpha was the discovery engine. Or, wait, was that Bing?

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