Social Media Valentines for tweethearts of all budgets

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A recent article in the New York Times noted that Americans spent 14.7 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day purchases, down from the 17 billion spent in 2008. Retailers expect this year’s sales to dip even lower. The solution? Create affordable Valentine’s Day options for every budget and use social media marketing to get in on the act.

Below are three companies that are showing their customers love by using social media marketing.

New England Confectionery Company, creator of those chalky yet oddly tasty conversational Sweetheart candies has a special Twitter and iPhone app that allows candy lovers to create virtual candies with custom messages that they can share with the rest of the Twitterverse or keep private. The free app gives Sweethearts a modern makeover while allowing the brand to remain a holiday classic.

Hoping to speak to the bitter single girl crowd; LAB records has launched a Facebook group entitled, Say No To Valentines 2010: Help Portia Conn Hit Top Ten! The concept is simple: take one edgy girl with guitar, add jaded rocky lyrics, and serve to angst ridden teens everywhere. LAB invites Valentines loathers and Portia fans alike to join the group and stream her new single on their Facebook pages.  The small label is wisely utilizing social media and holiday promotion to speak to their core audience.

Department store giant Macy*s is also hopping on the Twitter wagon with their “sweetest tweets” campaign. The retailer is in search of  gushy tweeted love notes posted on Twitter from Feb. 1 through Feb. 13 to be entered in a promotional contest that features diamond  jewelry giveaways. Valentine’s themed tweets are Macy’s modern replacement for traditional fill-out and win postcards and something anyone can do while pretending to work.


  1. twittered-up says

    I think we finally found the ultimate use for Twitter. Personalizing candy. Clever. Funny. Useless. But tasty.

  2. Dande says

    Sounds like everyone’s getting all twitterpated for Valentine’s day (holla Thumper and Bambi). As long as we don’t have to worry about contracting a nasty case of viral marketing, we’re good.

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