Social Media Sweets in Time for Valentine’s Day

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We have a hunch that social media experts have been plotting their Twitter and Facebook strategies for Valentine’s Day long before Santa had even arrived. In fact, industry insiders are saying Valentine’s Day 2012 is expected to be a big spending day with the average person expecting to spend an average of $126 on their sweethearts. Brands are hoping to get in on some of that cash by pulling out all the stops with social media marketing.

Chocolate, a sweet poem and Valentine’s Day is a classic combination and See’s Candies is using Facebook to find the next great love poet. And by great love poet, we mean someone who can rattle off a few clever lines of chocolate-inspired prose in hopes of winning $50 bucks from the candy company. The Valentine’s Day Poem sweepstakes launched earlier this month and hundreds of thousands of Facebook users already have entered. The interactive contest is the latest creative effort from the old school chocolatier to reach out to younger audiences.

Beermaker Heineken has already made a ton of headlines with its matchmaking campaign, and it’s easy to see why. Based on its new and almost viral ads, Heineken is throwing a shindig on February 9 where, according to Ad Age, “Heineken will host an eight-hour YouTube event, ‘Serenade Live,’ during which hopeful daters will get the chance to create live online serenades for their beloveds. Heineken will choose Facebook and Twitter followers (and their loved ones) to have their serenade written and performed online, with an audience tuning in to watch their reaction (as well as interacting with the Serenade team) via Heineken Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.” It’s bold for a beer company to target Valentine’s Day for a promotional blitz, but if anybody can pull it off, it’s Heineken.

Finally, Rovio is hoping to target folks who like to get a little angry on Valentine’s Day. The game company announced after months of speculation that Valentine’s Day will be the day Angry Birds finally comes to Facebook! The most downloaded game in history will available for an unspecified time on the most used social network on the planet. Angry Birds is the perfectly tart diversion for Facebook users who prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day by flinging pigs.

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