Social Media gets down to business with Twitter 101

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If you’re a business owner there’s no doubt you’ve heard that social media can help you achieve your marketing goals in a way that won’t put a hole in your cash register. What’s more, the service is a deceptively simple and easy to set up. But let’s say, for whatever reason, you just haven’t gotten around to having your business Twitterized. You can rest easy, because Twitter has just released an online Twitter 101 A Special Guide to hand hold you through the scary world of tweets, retweets (RT), hashtags (#), and @username messages. But even more than that, the guide gives you a basic understanding of what Twitter can do for your business, how businesses are using Twitter, How you can get started, Best Practices, and even Case Studies of real companies like Dell, Jet Blue, Teusner Wines, Tastidlite,  Coffee Grounds and on and on. My favorite part of the site is the Learn The Lingo section where you can learn a little history about the user generated created language that is now an integral part of Twitter. If you have a business and you haven’t gotten around to using Twitter to help increase your bottom line, you no longer have an excuse.

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