Social Marketing ads stick to eyeballs.

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People have trained themselves to ignore ads appearing on the Internet, right? Not so according to a press release issued by Oneupweb, an Adweek Top 20 Search Marketing Agency who conducted an eye tracking study on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. The findings can be seen in all their glory in a downloadable white paper titled Seeing Search Go Social: An Eye Tracking Study on Social Networking Sites. According to the findings, 65% of the test subjects engaged with sponsored ads within the first 10 seconds of their search. Also, sponsored ads were often looked at before the third and fourth ranked listing. This means that people are acting differently with social media marketing than they do on a search engine, for example. But just because their eyeballs roam on to the ads doesn’t mean people are clicking on them thus creating an increase in web traffic flow. But maybe this will change as advertisers fine-tune their social media marketing to reflect this audience.

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