Slow and Steady: Why Blogging isn’t a Quick Fix (but it’s Worth the Wait)

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Wouldn’t it be swell if every content marketing plan worked right away? Jumping through the appropriate hoops and planning blog marketing takes a lot of time and effort, so is a little immediate gratification so much to ask for? Alas, that’s just not how the blog creation cookie crumbles. Blogging for business takes time, energy and patience. But fortunately it’s worth the wait.

Recently, we met with a client who needed to fix a bad content problem right away. Her business had been pummeled by a few bad reviews which seemed to dominate the first page of an Internet search. Couple it with really, really old web content — including a wrong address and bios of folks who no longer work there — and girlfriend had a hot mess on her hands. Once the necessary info was corrected, it was our turn to get in there and create blogs that showed how great her company is. We did this and we waited for her online juju to change.

It didn’t. Well, not for a while. We’re sharing this story because blogs and articles are just the beginning. We then have to put them in front of the right eyes who will want to read them. This can happen through social media and a few clever search engine marketing tricks. But, again, it takes a minute. The other thing is that one blog and/or article won’t change your entire content destiny. In the beginning, you’ll have to blog a lot and consistently to get results. We call it blogging because it’s a presently happening action that keeps going and that’s what you have to do if you want it to work. Keep blogging and don’t stop.

But there’s good news for “I want it now” types, too. Although your total online presence won’t be transformed with just one blog, there are some changes you can see almost right away. First off, blogging fills in holes on an otherwise empty site so your site should feel more full and rewarding to read after you’ve started blogging. Also, blogs will help you get found faster online and this happens pretty rapidly as well. Lastly, if your blog is telling the story about your brand that you really want people to read, you’ll feel empowered and proud of your web presence nearly immediately.

This is what has happened for our client we told you about at the start of this post. The negative comments are still there, but there slowly getting buried with positive blogs about her brand. Meanwhile, her new content has slowly erased the old dated digital image her company was saddled with. None of it happened overnight… but the point is that it happened.

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