Show me the Facebook and Twitter money.

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It’s common knowledge that Facebook and Twitter are both attracting the attention and are being closely watched as the next big Google-like companies. But one thing remains unclear; do either of the two business models have the potential of generating the kind of greenbacks that even come close to the that of Google? That’s the big question Reuters attempts to answer in a recent article. The cool thing about Google when they first came on the scene was the sponsored search model they utilized to fuel their engine. While the originator of this model is credited to Idealab’s Bill Gross, Google went on to take the technology to unimaginable heights, and the rest is history. Nobody really knows how to successfully monetize social media. And in the mad rush to monetize, many have tried and many have failed. The potential is great, because both Facebook and Twitter have loyal vistitors using their services and they keep coming back for more. Reuters reports that, “in April, Twitter’s website attracted 17 million unique visitors in the United States, up sharply from 9.3 million the month before. Facebook grew to 200 million active users in April, less than a year after hitting 100 million users.” They’ve shown a lot of potential. Now all they need to do is show the world the money.

Enzo F. Cesario

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