Should You Dip Your Toes in the Live-blogging Waters?

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It’s that time of year: All kinds of big events are happening. From the Super Bowl and the Oscars to the Republican primaries and the upcoming March Madness, there is no shortage of big, splashy, headline-making news events to blog about. After all, finding a way to integrate the day’s hottest topics into our blogging-for-business practice is a brilliant way to lure in readers who may not otherwise have found your blog. But is your blog ready to cover newsworthy happenings live and up-to-the-minute?

First off, you don’t have to be CNN to live-blog. Many platforms, WordPress included, have easy-to-install widgets that make live-blogging a reality for brands of any size. Secondly, live-blogging doesn’t just have to be for glitzy affairs like the Grammys. Live-blogging can happen at industry conferences, store openings and local events. For example, Wisconsin’s recently covered the Wisconsin Day anniversary rally in downtown Madison for their readers who couldn’t make it to the event. This might not seem like a big deal to some of us, but local events carry a high interest and directly effect your local customers. So it makes sense to live-blog things in your own backyard.

Also, make sure you live-blog events that make sense for your brand. Recently a friend who works as a stylist and image consultant experienced a huge bump in traffic to her website when she live-blogged the fashions at the Golden Globes. This was a perfect fit for her brand and for potential clients who want her opinions of the red carpet. If you run a catering company, try covering a local food festival or the finale of a highly-watched cooking competition television show like Top Chef. If you sell sporting equipment, cover a local tournament or the World Series. You get where I’m going with this.

Live-blogging is only as effective as your passion and interest for the event. So get out there and turn your brand’s blog into a real live news source with live-blogging!

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