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Images are presented differently than text. For example, when you do an image query on Bing you get results in a rapid fire of five columns across and a mile deep. This eliminates the need to be within the top three spots on search rankings. According to Search Marketing Standard optimizing an image can help search rankings. That’s because search engines rank and classify images in the same way they do text on any given website. In addition, if someone is searching for an image and one of your images appear, the searcher may click through to your site. This could potentially work well if you are in the business of selling online. Let’s say for example you have a shoe business online. You have the latest Nike X basketball shoe that all the kids have been raving about. Kids want to see all the different colors the Nike X comes in, so they search for Nike X in the images section of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. They see one of your photos, and they like what they see. They click through, and suddenly they are on your site. Okay, that may be oversimplifying it, but the point is getting your photos indexed and tagged can bring you more traffic and may even get you more sales. Hey, you know what they say, a picture is worth a thousand bucks.

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