SEO For Dummies and Even Artsy Types

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The panning for gold prospect that is Search Engine Optimization is a befuddling concept that admittedly this writer is still trying to wrap his non-technical brain around.  For those of us shoved in the creative type column, it can be totally intimidating. Initially, it appeared that popping up at the top of search engines was some sort of luck of the draw or blind dart throwing contest in hopes of a bulls eye. Later, I felt that only the folks with the big dollars would be placed highly in searches. Like I said, this artsy Los Angeles writer doesn’t know much about the science. What I do know about SEO is that, like all kinds of online marketing and new media techniques, it is constantly changing and more is always revealed.

Matt Cutts, Google’s head honcho software engineeer would surely be the type of guy who could really explain the nitty gritty of SEO. After all ,the dude works for Google. Plus, he has been interviewed lately and even blogged about some helpful  search engine hints last year. I tackled both Cutts’ blog and his interview with Eric Eng of Stone Temple Consulting. Sadly, I don’t speak Engineer so all the vocab bombs like 301 redirects and canolical tags totally blew up in my face in a smoke bomb of confusion. His blog as well as the totally helpful videos however, did explain some really crucial points of SEO and even confirmed some of my suspicions.

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