SEO experts take on editorial roles

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A recent Businessweek blog posting suggests that “the world is shifting towards editors who can anticipate the preferences of machines-and reverse engineer their algorithms.” In other words, SEO experts are becoming much more important in the editorial process and traditional editors who don’t understand the world of ranking, link building and online marketing will soon find themselves standing in the unemployment line (if they aren’t there already). I agree with this idea to a certain degree. I believe there has to be a balance of algorithmic strategy with a generous mix of engaging content. Finding a hybrid SEO/editorial guru is difficult, if not impossible. Partly, I believe, is because you would have to find someone who can switch from right-brain to left-brain expertise with equal aplomb. The best results, in my opinion, is when you have an SEO expert and a good editor work together to form a strategy and execute content that targets both machines and humans. It’s a balancing act to be sure. But one that can help to build brands online in more efficient and lasting ways.

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