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Executing intelligent SEO work that plays nicely in the sandbox with search engines would be easy-peasy if only the Googles and the Yahoos would stand still. The point here is that the web is an ever-changing environment that expands exponentially and dynamically changes on the fly. In my opinion, that’s why a good SEO person needs to keep up to speed on a daily basis. Now, to make things potentially even more complicated, Google is hinting on moving even faster. According to an article on, Larry Page, Google’s co-founder admitted they (Google) had so far “done a relatively poor job of creating things that work on a per second basis”. Larry Page then went on suggest that Google would improve at implementing real-time search moving forward, especially now it had examples like micro-blogging phenomenon Twitter to compare itself to. Google comparing itself to Twitter? Or more likely Google hinting that it might gobble up Twitter and use the learnings of that company to move at warp-speed. I’m out of breath just thinking about it.

Enzo F. Cesario

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