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We’ve pondered the powers, problems and pratfalls of search engine optimization (or SEO, as the kids call it) in this blog several times. The reason the discussion resurfaces on a regular basis is because as a channel for marketing, SEO is constantly evolving with the technological tides. SEO watchers and experts keep their eyes peeled on the latest developing Internet marketing techniques and how they relate to getting amazing search engine results. So it stands to reason that the topic of SEO is once again flying off the keyboards of bloggers landing smack dab in the middle of newsfeeds.

Last week, Inc. Magazine online ran a great read about how to use Google’s already-built-in tools to help track SEO. Discussed with Chris Dawkins of Trace Media is the importance of off-site links, bonding with similar sites with similar keywords and maintaining on-site optimization with keyword-rich content. Inc. goes deeper by exploring Google’s Webmaster tools. We’re thrilled they point out that the world’s biggest search engine actually has free tutorials and tools for beginning SEO marketers. The article specifically directs readers to Google’s stats and diagnostics tools, both great resources in tracking website traffic.

On Monday, Hubspot threw its two cents worth in as well by going back to keywords and their importance in SEO. Hubspot whipped together 10 effective places to target keywords. Number one on the list is URL. Turns out placing your keywords somewhere in the URL of a page will assist in bumping up your ranking (who knew?!). Other keyword target suggestions include page title, using bold text, meta description and sliding keywords in image file names.

The cool thing about the ever-present discussions about SEO is that they signal an era of approachability. Thought before to be something for only those in the know, SEO is now a fountain for the small business owner to tap into. With a bit of research, we can all participate in search engine optimization.

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