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Blogging for business might even make it easier to talk about your brand. Let me explain. At a recent schmoozy business mixer thing, I wound up talking to an interesting individual with a fascinating-sounding consulting practice. Only problem was, I couldn’t understand what exactly this business entailed, how to find said business and why I should care about it as we chatted — despite being drawn to the energy of its owner.

“Do you have a blog?” I blurted out. To which they replied, “Um, no. Why?” And there’s the $64,000 question: Why blog? Why should we bother? Why blog when we’re already on Facebook? It’s an excellent question and one that, if answered correctly, can help freelance consultant types finally be able to explain what the heck it is they do all day long.

That slick real estate agent who used to just put his face on bus stop benches and hope interested customers would come his way has figured out why he blogs. In addition to Facebook pages, Twitter posts and those bench ads, he blogs because it’s an easier way to explain what he’s currently selling, what just sold and how to get a hold of him. In fact, Mr. Bigshot Agent here isn’t alone. The real estate industry has truly taken a shine to blogging and have even developed an avid readership. Tiny law firms, engineering think tanks, two-man-band ad agencies, mail order bakeries and the acupuncture office down the street all blog for the same reason.

Unlike our friend at the cocktail party, these folks have figured out that blogging is an excellent way to create a narrative about what your business does, what values your company holds dear and how your business works. Blogs are also fantastic places to keep customer testimonials, product reviews and new company policies. A company’s social media accounts should be clean and easy to follow, but with a blog, there are no rules or maximum characters to use. Simply put, blogging lets you say everything a 50-word biography can’t. Blogging gives you more room to explain what you do than a cramped business card ever could.

Best of all, if you have a blog, you don’t ever have to explain what exactly you do all day at cocktail parties ever again.

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