Recession Schmecession. Cardboard is the key to fine livin’.

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This recession is killing me. When I was recently hunting down a new iPhone case, I came across the very affordable iPhone Recession Case. At under a couple of bucks, you get all the fixin’s….it’s just the fixin’s are made out of cardboard. Case-mate, the geniuses behind the Recession Case, are taking the marketing of their product one step further by announcing the Recession Case Photo Contest. Anyone can enter and the winner will get an authentic 1980’s moped that they can tool around town on and sport that cardboard case in style. It’s easy, just customize your case and get your friends to vote on Twitter and Facebook and you’re on your way. Here’s the call to action on site,

You’ve heard of the recession case and you have bought ’em! now is the chance to show the world your drawing skills and arts & craft skills on the recession case! submit a pic of them to the gallery and share with your peeps on facebook and twitter, the pic with the most votes wins a sweet Suzuki moped from the ’80s! so upload, vote and spread the word!

You’ve looked between the couch cushions and still can’t come up with the funds to purchase a case? Not to worry, because the recession-friendly Case-Mate people are giving away their trade secret template design you can download so you can make your own case at home-““just supply the materials yourself. Check out the gallery for some inspiration.

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