Recapturing That Warm & Fuzzy Facebook Feeling

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Remember the softer, gentler Facebook era? Think back to a magical time before The Social Network came out, before we became certain our identities were being stolen from us — essentially, before Mark Zuckerberg scared the crap out of us. It was a time when we thought hey Facebook is just one of those nifty sites where I can catch up with people I love. Well, maybe those times are back. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. But some incredible Facebook stories of late have inspired us to use the social media marketing Mecca for good and not for evil. Psshay, says you. We say, consider the heartwarming tale of Helen Torres, Mister Grumpypants.

Torres made international headlines this week when news broke that she found her daughter on Facebook after giving her up for adoption 63 years ago! Her youngest daughter created a Facebook page in hopes of helping her mother finding the child she gave up with she was 17 years old. Set up in January, the page called for action and urged visitors to pass on the page to users they knew who might fit the description. Without getting all Oprahish, we can tell you that the 80-year-old Torres was reunited online with her daughter in April and the two have since met. All together now: Awww…

So before you slip back into Negative Nancyland, remember that this story illustrates what Facebook does best: bring people together. Whether it’s new clients, old friends or employees, Facebook marketing can do the same thing. Our branded Facebook pages might not be able to reunite a family, but at the very least they can connect our followers with engaging conversation and thoughtful content.

The sheen of Facebook has certainly been dulled and tarnished over the past few years. But stories like this one prove that when it comes to connecting people either professionally or personally, Facebook is the only game in town.

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