Quick Social Media Marketing Tricks

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Quick Social Media Marketing Tricks

Don’t believe the hype. Social media marketing need not be an arduous or painstaking process. We at Brandsplat have whipped up a list of fast social media marketing tricks that even the busiest budding entrepreneur can implement without hiring an army of assistants.

1.) Give it Away Now: Hosting product or service giveaways on your Facebook page or via Twitter is kind of a no-brainer that requires not a lot of time. Use your respective social media pages to promote your contest, to hold your contest and to publicize the winner of your contest. Speed trivia, which awards the first correct respondent with free goodies from your business, is one of the simplest social media contests to throw. Giveaways like these encourage creativity on your part and involvement on your audience’s part. Create clever questions, post them and wait for your fans to battle for the free swag. You and clients both win big.

2.) Be Good Johnny: Partnering with your favorite cause or non-profit is the ultimate warm and fuzzy social media coup, jam-packed with goodwill and good business. Using your page to promote causes close to your heart doesn’t take tons of effort. Sponsoring events and different fund-raisers with non-profits is a snap online. Tweet the dates of your fundraisers to followers while posting the details and photos of the event on Facebook.

3.) Slow and Steady Wins the Race: A social media presence takes time to build; it won’t happen overnight, but that doesn’t mean it needs to take all of your time and become a source of day-long stress. We at Brandsplat find that to begin with, an hour to 90 minutes a day spent on social media marketing can, over time, transform a brand’s social media presence. The best part of it is that the bulk of your social media marketing can be done in advance or while you’re working on something else (like catching up on episodes of True Blood or munching on dinner).

Primarily, we should all remember the “social” aspect of social media marketing. This should be fun. If you find social media marketing strategies that you’re currently using to be time-consuming and far from fun, ditch them. Because if you’re not enjoying it, then chances are your clients aren’t, either.

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