Quick Content Ideas for Busy Bloggers

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Save the story… we’ve heard it before: You want to throw yourself into content marketing because your business desperately needs it but you just don’t have time to sit down and whip up stunning blog creation. Blah, blah, blah. The truth is that fantastic blog posts don’t take that much time. In fact, recent data suggests that readers respond to and comment on blog posts that are shorter and more concise in length (under 700 words) than ones that drone on and on. Personally, we think great blog posts can happen in 30 minutes or less. But if a half an hour is still too time-consuming for you, Mister Busy Pants, we’ve come up with a handful of quick blog post ideas that could be even faster (provided you don’t dilly-dally).

Survey Says: What do your followers think of your new layout? How do your customers rate your services? What would your readers like to see in your blog? Don’t ask me! Ask them. Posting a poll or survey in your blog isn’t just a fast solution to the “What the !@#$ am I gonna blog about?” question, it also helps you get to know what your readers are thinking. The interactive nature of polls makes them a favorite with blog readers, and posting one could even bring in new fans. Plus adding a poll on WordPress-based blogs is super easy!

The Hot Seat: Let your inner Barbara Walters come out and post an online interview in your blog. Send email questions to a person you and your readers would like to get to know more about. Publish said questions along with their witty answers and voila! You’re a journalist! When it comes to picking interview subjects, go for people you know (because they’re nice and less likely to tell you “no”) and individuals whose answers will be entertaining to read. Keep the interview short — no more than 10 questions — and edit the answers to keep the piece a tight and compelling read. Best of all, your subject does the heavy lifting by being charming and interesting.

Reheat the Leftovers: As a huge fan of cold pizza, day-old pasta and Thanksgiving stuffing on Black Friday, I highly approve of “reheating” old blog posts. There’s an artful way of doing it, of course. Creating a “greatest hits” week, reposting a blog from the past that mirrors news happening today, adding brief updates to popular posts or running an old blog to celebrate a company milestone are ethical and fast ways to turn old things new again. Just make sure you reanimate your leftovers, even if only slightly. Google doesn’t love crusty old blog posts trying to be passed off as something new.

Phone a Friend: Still have no time but still want that blog taken care of? Well, get some help, for Pete’s sake! We blog content management types do what you’re putting off all day long. The best part of using a blog content agency is that it leaves you time to handle everything else in your busy, busy world.

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