Planting videos feet first.

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Video can enrich a users experience and serve as an important trigger during the purchasing process. They can be informative, entertaining and as professional or goofy as you see fit. It’s important to choose the right content for the audience that you are focusing on.  However, content isn’t the only factor to consider. Where you put your videos is almost as important as the content inside your video. Do you put them on your home page? How about product pages? Is Youtube a good place to start? The answer to the question of where to put your videos relies on what your strategy is for having them in the first place. For example, in recent Internet Retailer post Peter Leech, chief marketing officer of, said

“The biggest design issue we look at now is where to place the videos on the site in a way that’s going to create better optimization.” once displayed all of their videos on a separate site, Today they are placing their videos more strategically on their blog entries like this one,  and also on YouTube.  As video strategies change for companies, so will their methods of deploying their videos. One thing is for certain, SEO for video is a strategy that every company should look at before deciding how to launch a company video.

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