Plancast Might Be the Belle of the Ball at SXSWi

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Only the geek elite was up in a tizzy when Plancast was released last December. Tech-types, marketing mavens, and PR peeps glommed on to Plancast’s easy to maneuver calendar that tells the world what is on a member’s social calendar and easily shares it with everyone one Facebook and Twitter. After all, Plancast makes invites and promotions for launch parties,openings,  and new release unvielings an absolute snap.Yet the buzz over it has been more like a whisper. Main streamers have yet to warm to the adorable penguin and his calendar organizing ways.

Perhaps the penguin’s luck is just about to change. While the early murmurs of this weekend’s SXSWi fest have been all about Gowalla this and FourSquare that, Plancast has silently snuck in and may prove to  become the darling of this years event. Moreover, now could be the moment for Plancast to rope in users on a grand scale. For their part, the company has posted any and every SXSWi event that will be happening over the next few days and promoting themselves as the space to find the latest in tech-geek party debauchery. This means that with Plancast’s help the number of wasted party goers looking for where their friends are could actually be decreased. Fancy!

Just to sweeten the deal, Plancast has launched their very own iPhone app today and the reviews are glowing. So as it stand right now, Plancast could be winning the geolocational dance-off. But the question remains how useful are these tools for social media marketing and public relations.

So far, from what I have gathered by investigation of all three applications, Plancast has more business and marketing opportunites than say, Gowalla. The quick condesing of events makes publicity a dream without the constant Facebook events pain or re-tweeting of the same item. In short, Plancast tells friends and collegues of your plans while the others tell people just what youre doing right now. Heavily followed Twitter members who promote company events could really use a tool like Plancast for P/R windfalls. Plancast may however prove to be this year’s flavor and the penguin could be extinct by the next SXSWi. The geolaction technology though is here to stay and growing. How marketers and PR gurus can fully use these tools has yet to be seen.

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