Pinterest Continues Its Social Media Domination

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When it comes to Pinterest, social media marketing experts are generally of two camps. There’s that shiny happy group that embrace Pinterest and all of its silliness right out of the box. They’ve clearly benefited from spending a lot of time marketing to the pin-happy people of Pinterest and reaped the rewards of getting on the craze early. And then there’s the resisters. You know the type — the folks who have turned up their noses on the platform and go out of their way to get snarky and judgemental whenever the topic comes up. We’ve covered these types and even been these types now and then (because, let’s face it, Pinterest is easy to make fun of). But when it comes to how powerful the platform is, we’ve got nothing but love. Especially after reading this new report.

According to Experian Marketing Services, a digital marketing firm, Pinterest is now the third-most-visited social media site on the Internet. In March, Facebook racked up more than 7 billion total visitors; Twitter was a solid second with 182 million; and Pinterest reported a whopping 104 million total visits from people in the United States, according to data sent to CNN by Experian. It’s a remarkable number of visits, particularly considering most consumers didn’t even know Pinterest existed eight months ago. CNN says the new figure puts Pinterest ahead of social media mega powers like LinkedIn, Google+, MySpace and Tumblr.

Matt Tatham of Experian tells CNN Pinterest is catching on because it’s truly original.

“The site has really just rocketed,” Tatham says. “It’s just been tremendous since (Pinterest) took off around October and then in the last few months. With Pinterest, it’s kind of a new take on an old thing. Social networking is great. Pinterest is great. The way people are sharing on Pinterest is new.”

Experian’s new data reinforce one of the much-mocked stereotypes of Pinterest; it’s a women’s wonderland. In fact, 60 percent of Pinterest users are female.

And all of this is great news to the home design, wedding, culinary and fashion industries which dominate Pinterest. For visual companies, the network offers sharing like nothing else out there. But let’s hear from you. Are you a Pinterest hater or Pinterest appreciator? Sound off below!

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