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If you’re like many online business owners, you’ve probably looked at your e-commerce site recently and have seen room for improvement. You may have even considered doing something drastic, like adding a social media marketing campaign or video content to spruce up the user online experience. Well, if you’ve thought about video, you are not alone. According to a recent Internet Retailer survey ,

“43.3% of merchants will update their e-commerce sites with video this year.”

But having video on your site without a real strategy for having it, does neither you nor your customers any good. While video content can greatly improve the user experience, it is important to have a thought through strategy before implementing your video content on your site. Video content on an e-commerce site should act as a sales tool that serves to nudge the visitor to your site closer to the “add to cart” button. It may help to think of your e-commerce site like a slick auto showroom with lots of product info, video and a non-pushy sales force to help you along the way. As more and more e-commerce sites become like these slick showrooms, multi-media will play a much more important role in the sales cycle of everyday products and goods that you would normally see on the shelf at your local shopping mart or mall. Adding video can be a rewarding option if you can figure out production costs, distribution and management of your content. Oh, and don’t forget SEO for your videos. For Video Search Optimization Tips from Aaron Wall of SEOBook, click on the video below.

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