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That’s right, cats and kitties: We’ve sifted through the litter to find 5 little nuggets of Internet goodness to share with you. Dive in, debate and discuss as directed.

1.) Dole’s Appealing Facebook Contest: As part of Dole’s summer-long Go Bananas After Dark campaign, which urges consumers to nibble on the monkey’s favorite snack at night, Dole has launched a Facebook-based campaign to vote for the best banana-themed artwork. From a Lady Gaga made out of bananas to bananas playing poker, the submissions were whittled down to a select group and now Facebook members get to have their say. The winner will receive prizes like a new grill and free fruit courtesy of Dole.

2.) Facebook Places & Marketing: This piece in Ad Age details all of the ins and outs of Facebook’s new geolocation program. Facebook hopes to take Foursquare’s model and turn it into something massive using its near-billion-plus users to help the push. The conversation is just starting on what FB’s Places potentially will mean for social media marketing; thus far, it appears that, like Foursquare, there are oodles of opportunities for brand development.

3.) Your Digestive System is Adorable: This little advertising oddity, brought to you by the makers of Yakult yogurt drink, has been tweeted and blogged about a lot this week, but we thought it deserved a little more attention. Why? Simply because it’s the grossest and yet most adorable ad we’ve seen in awhile. And it’s a well-played marketing move by Yakult, as similar yogurt products promising digestive miracles have been the subject of liability lawsuits and consumer scrutiny. Plus, even though the star of the ad is really a digestive system turned into a puppet, it’s still pretty darn cute.

4.) Designs on Better Business: Good.com featured an article entitled “What Businesses Can Learn From Designers” this week and we think it is a must-read. Focusing on how business can benefit from the know-how of artsy types is the type of piece that Good does really well, and this one is filled with info any sized company can use.

5.) Matches Made In Ad Heaven: So this spot rounds out our list for sheer “huh?” factor. Is it about energy-saving light bulbs? Is it a commercial for a new toy? A dating service? Nope. It’s all part of “Made For Each Other,” Frito Lay’s whimsical yet strange campaign for its chips and dips. Demented? Yeah, but Frito Lay gets credit for going out on an artistic limb by creating something eye-catching – and the accompanying social media marketing is spot on.

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