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It’s that time again – time to hand over our list of five fun and fascinating things we want to make sure you know. We’re a selfless lot here at Brandsplat, and we happily share our tidbits of info with you, our lovely readers. Consider it your safe place from bombarding news about Lindsay, the Facebook movie and sinister Android phones. (You’re welcome.)

1.) Ta-Da Lists: From those organizational geniuses who created business must-haves like Campfire and Backpack, Ta-Da Lists boasts they are makers of more than 4 million to do lists since 2005. This reliable, free go-to makes our list today because of its rocking apps for smartphones and now-even-faster sign-up. In fact, the whole site seems quicker, sharper and easier to use. Ta-Da Lists helps keep the perpetually list-making artsy types on track with all kinds of easy-to-use features that keep your notes organized. Plus free and digital is a lot cheaper and more savvy than those Earth-hating Post-its blowing around your desk.

2.) ‘Paranormal’ Viral Video Spookiness: Each year, some marketing team comes up with a creepy way to use online marketing to push Halloween’s biggest movie. The scariest campaign thus far belongs to Paramount’s Paranormal Activity 2. A series of viral videos that stay true to the first film’s general heebie-jeebie vibe hit online this week, and we love that the film company also mailed the videos in mysterious packages to members of the press. Just old fashioned Halloween hijinks mixed with new media marketing.

3.) Flo Club: This is one of those things we feel like you should know about just because it’s so darn odd. So Mrs. Brady, I mean Florence Henderson, in addition to kicking butt on Dancing With The Stars, is a web entrepreneur. Yes it turns out Henderson runs a site called Flo Club that provides a subscription service that helps seniors use the Internet and answer computer questions. Who knew!? Wonder if she’s also helping Sam the Butcher create an online store.

4.) Love My Philly on Twitter: Yet another sassy social media campaign from the folks at Kraft: Love My Philly is the home of Philadelphia Cream Cheese on Twitter. The brand gives out cookbooks and coupons to moms and chefs who submit the best recipes and ideas. It is another cool Twitter model any sized company can modify and use.

5.) Free Themes and Tricks For WordPress: One of the many things we love about Mashable is the ongoing tips and tricks for using WordPress. Everyday small business owners can find articles like this one from earlier this month which features snazzy free themes to help make WordPress an even more essential and fun to use tool.

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