Our Five Things You Might Have Missed List – Halloween Edition!

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We’ve sifted through the crappy candy corn and boxes of raisins to pull out some truly tasty Halloween marketing, social media and branding treats.

1.) Worst-named Halloween Wig: A marketing misfire of faux follicle proportions unfolded on Facebook this week. Discount Mecca Kohl’s was forced to pull a wig featured on its Halloween website store after shoppers posted their distaste for the item on Kohl’s Facebook page. “Ghetto Fab” was the unfortunate named wig in question. Shoppers (naturally) found the name offensive, and Kohl’s quickly pulled the puffy urban afro wig.

2.) Angry Birds Go Trick-or-Treating: Rovio’s game Angry Birds Halloween was announced a few days back and it is sure to be another massive hit with folks who have mastered how to play games on their iPhones. As a mobile game, Angry Birds is one of the tops and this Halloween edition marks the brand’s first endeavor since being acquired by Electronic Arts. Seeing a brand like Angry Birds garner major media attention signals a new day for mobile gaming and mobile marketing. Plus this pumpkin-themed version of the game is only a buck!

3.) Domino’s Delivers a Costume Idea: Halloween is one of the biggest nights of the year for pizza delivery joints like Domino’s, and the company is using Facebook to lure in trick-or-treater eaters. Domino’s FB page has instructions to make a giant slice of pizza costume. We think a Noid costume would be cooler, yet Domino’s Facebook page is list-worthy because it also features downloadable pumpkin carving designs while fitting nicely into the company’s killer digital marketing plan (which includes that much-loved iPhone app).

4.) True Blood Comics on Your Phone: Just in time for Halloween, a comic book version of HBO’s hit camp-vampire series True Blood has been exclusively adapted for iPad and iPhone. This is more smart mobile marketing from HBO, which after a serious slump seems to be inching its way back to the top of the TV heap.

5.) That Creepy Snickers Commercial: Okay, there’s no way you missed this”¦ but here it is again. Of all the seasonal viral ads, this Snickers ad has made headlines and popped up in blogs just for being so darn creepy. It makes the list for being the most talked-about Halloween commercial and for apparently working: Sales for the chocolate bar are already up 6 percent from last year.

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