Our Five Things You Might Have Missed List

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Stuffed with more social media goodness, more cheesy commercial chewiness and more marketing magic, our five things you might have missed list is a feast for the senses. (Gobble, gobble!)

1.) We’ll Stop the World and RockMelt With You: We squealed like teenaged girls at a Justin Bieber concert when we got our hands on RockMelt, the newest social media-centric browser. It’s like a Facebook- and Twitter-enriched version of Google Chrome. For social media marketers, RockMelt could turn out to be a very useful tool. While some tech snobs have kvetched about the browser’s glitch issues, overall RockMelt truly is a lot of fun, both for social media mavens and plain old Facebook junkies alike.

2.) Reading the Plethora of Newsletters in Your Inbox: Our brains tend to go into instant delete mode when receiving e-newsletters from big companies, but this time of year it pays to stop and take a gander. Not only are retail newsletters packed with deals (see Borders‘ e-mail marketing for an example – they’re practically giving that store away), but also the big guys have lots of savvy e-mail newsletter ideas that any small business can adapt.

3.) How The Groupon Saved Christmas: From Gap to The Joffrey Ballet and now American Apparel, brands are relying on the wildly-followed Groupon to help boost sales. And it is working. We’ve been tracking the popularity of Groupon for some time and we’re pleased this marketing tool has exploded over the last few months.

4.) The Smell of Bootylicious: We could write 1,000 words or more on bad celebrity perfume commercials, but this latest – for Beyonce’s first fragrance Heat – is one of the worst. Downright ’90s in feel and art direction, the spot was actually banned in the U.K. for being too sexy. It should be banned for being bland and trite. Also, can we please retire Peggy Lee’s “Fever” from commercial use/abuse for a while? That poor song has been beaten to death.

5.) Being Grateful: We put this on the things you might have missed list simply because haven’t we all occasionally forgotten how lucky we are to have clients, readers, collaborators and followers? We declare “Thank You” the most stylish catch phrase of 2010. So thank you for reading, commenting and caring.

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