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From little bitty to totally juvenile, we’ve gathered up 5 advertising, social media and marketing tidbits that might have slipped under your radar this week.

1.) Lanvin for H&M: The European clothier Lanvin made a huge social media splash this week when it released its new collection for H&M. H&M rocked out its website and Facebook page in honor of the collaboration and soon the blogs were ignited with clamoring for must-have items. Like limited lines from Stella McCartney and Viktor &Rolf, Lanvin from H&M looks to be another fantastic phenomenon for the chain – and its social media efforts have definitely helped create excitement.

2.) The Shirt on His Back: I Wear Your Shirt is guerilla marketing with a fashionable and social media twist. The concept is simple: Jason and his employees auction off space on their T-shirts to the highest bidders and then promote the brands on social media. So far Jason and company have garnered big-time ads from Pizza Hut and Nissan.

3.) Your Status Just Got Smaller: Maybe the sheer size of this story made it invisible, but Facebook’s font shrank seemingly overnight. We don’t usually rant in this blog, so we’ll keep it short – hate it. This is just another decision made by Facebook that shows little regard for its users (i.e. old people). Plus, as marketers, we hate seeing our clever copy shrunk down to an unreadable size.

4.) Google Isn’t Your Second Brain: This blog from SEOMoz asks some compelling questions regarding to our collective reliance on Google for everything. Danny Dover argues that real-life discovery and research using our senses will always be more valuable than using a search engine. I’m still not sure”¦ I wonder what Google would tell me.

5.) You & Your Johnson: And now for something mildly inappropriate. We had to snicker at this vintage 1970s ad for Johnson outboard motors. Thanks to Adweek and Boing Boing, this ridiculous ad became our favorite spot to post on Facebook – even if the font was too small and nobody actually noticed.


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