Our Five Things You Might Have Missed List

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Oops, we did it again. We’ve hit you (baby, one more time) with our list of five things you might have missed.

1.) Abe’s Market Humanizes Vendors: This inspiring tale of small business empowerment ran earlier this week in The New York Times. The Chicago-based Abe’s Market is an online general store that sells organic and planet-loving products. Abe’s Market turns the spotlight on its vendors by offering compelling back stories and profiles of each of the small businesses whose products it carries. If you missed the article, it is worth a read to remind marketers that consumers love a good story.

2.) Chevy Volt Charges Ahead with New Smartphone App: Here’s an app from a company that people might actually use: Chevy has partnered with OnStar to create a free application which checks battery life of the almost-totally-electric driving dynamo, the Chevy Volt. While checking the charge status and battery level, the Volt app also tells drivers how many miles are left on electric only before it switches to gas. Plus the app even can unlock your doors and start your car!

3.) Jimmy Kimmel’s Fantasy Football League: Kimmel long has been a viral video all-star (at least, ever since that Matt Damon video) so it makes sense the NFL would turn to Kimmel to help promote Fantasy Football. Throw in a partnership with GMC trucks and you’ve got the ultimate in guy-tacular branding and cross-promotion. Currently dominating YouTube’s advertising, the funny clip featuring the ever-charming Kristen Bell is one sponsored video actually worth clicking.

4.) HER-NAN is Master of Our Universe: We love wacky foreign commercials and we adore He-Man, so when we stumbled upon HER-NAN, we were in heaven. The TV spot for Visa’s Orange Card was meant for Argentinean shoppers but anybody can enjoy nerdy Hernan who is transformed into shopping god HER-NAN. It’s global 80s synergy about to become viral gold. Visa needs to bring a HER-NAN-like campaign to the states STAT.

5.) Levi’s Uses Facebook for Social Change: The American classic has undergone a bit of a branding change lately and we have to say, we like it! Levi’s Facebook page is a great example of how the brand has turned its focus on the acts of good. Sure, the stuff of advertising geniuses is here on the page, too – but most of the content is geared to how the company gives back, sponsors cool events and supports artists.

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