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Cuddly, crunchy and even courageous, our weekly list of things you might have missed has something for everyone!

1.) Project Panda: This clever campaign does not, in fact, involve designing fancy outfits for panda bears and making them work the runway. Project Panda is an interactive campaign cooked up by the WWF and Chengdu Panda Base to find “pambassadors”- folks who are passionate about preserving pandas. Pambassadors will get to travel to China and serve as the faces and voices of the project. Videos of hopefuls have been submitted all summer long, and the final six will be chosen at the end of the month based on votes they receive online. Wannabe pambassadors have taken to social media to drum up votes. We think Project Panda is a cool way to get folks excited about wildlife preservation while using the latest in online marketing. Besides, pandas are kind of hip right now.

2.) Nike Destroyer Burrito: Relax. This burrito from Nike won’t make your stomach explode. It’s just a cool geolocation and social media promotion from Nike Sportswear in which those people of Portland, Ore., who are in the know can order the “destroyer burrito” from a taco truck and receive cool Nike swag. Awesome. We’ll take two destroyer burritos, to go.

3.) The Power of Twitter: Japanese journalist Kosuke Tsuneoka’s use of Twitter while being held captive in Afghanistan is a powerful and harrowing tale of survival which illustrates the far-reaching effects of social media. The story is affirmation that Twitter can be used for more than just hourly Kardashian updates.

4.) Absolut’s Triple Shot Of Movies: Always on the cutting edge of social media marketing, Absolut Vodka has made a splash with a trio of original films over the last few months. From a Spike Lee-directed movie about Brooklyn to a behind-the-scenes film of Jay-Z’s life, Absolut launches these exclusive movies via the brand’s Facebook page. Our favorite is the newly-released Lemon Drop, a faux ’70s exploitation film starring Heroes’ Ali Larter in a yellow catsuit kicking butt.

5.) 60 Ways to Improve Your Marketing Influence: This list from Hubspot serves as a touchstone of marketing things to remember. The requisite marketing speak is here, but we love the list for its no-nonsense tips, including #6: Follow Better People and #13: Start Talking To People. Jeanne Hopkins from Hubspot has written a checklist that should be printed, passed on and forwarded.

Okay readers, time to dish about your favorite things this week in the comments section below!

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