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Make sure your seat is in the upright position and that your tray tables have been secured, because this week’s 5 things you might have missed list is ready for take off. Thanks for choosing Air Brandsplat!

1.) Social Media Coverage Of Events Better Than Actual Events: Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards and this week’s Fashion Week in New York by all reports and reviews have both been lackluster. Yet the social media coverage of both events on social media has been entertaining – even hilarious -and rapid fire. The New York Times ran a tweet-by-tweet timeline of the VMAs that ended up being more interesting than the show itself. And style blogs like the one at Nylon are so in the fashion know that you may never have to pick up a magazine again.

2.) JetBlue Is The Melrose Place Of Brands: Two words to describe JetBlue? Dra. Ma. Ever since that flight attendant incident last month, JetBlue has popped up everywhere; it’s more fun to watch than anything currently on the CW. This past week saw Playboy model Tiffany Livingston suffer a mid-air freak out in which her panic attack allegedly caused her to attempt to open the airplane’s door. Yet like any good soap opera heroes, JetBlue survives. The company’s ingenious “All You Can Jet” passes have totally sold out and the brand was even recently rated one of the top airlines for customer service by a national survey. Add to it a smart social media strategy and a lightning-fast PR response team, and we’re totally hooked.

3.) What Ad People can Learn From Teachers: This article from Advertising Age by Marty Orzio is one of our favorite reads this week. Smart and thought-provoking, the piece asks advertisers to think more resourcefully- like educators. It’s a refreshing take on an industry that sometimes needs guidance instead of a pat on the back.

4.) American Idol Turns To MySpace: In a week filled with odd decisions (i.e., paying Jennifer Lopez $12 million) from a brand in decline, American Idol has announced that they will be selecting some contestants using MySpace auditions. True, it is very 4 years ago to partner with MySpace, but when it comes to Idol and PR, we’re always confused”¦ so this seems right on target.

5.) How To Speak Coupon: Turning to the message boards to get the skinny on online coupons but don’t know what they’re talking about? This guide from consumerist gives you all the lingo you need before entering the increasingly popular world of online coupons. Marketers and bargain hunters should be on the same page, and this glossary helps with the translation.

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