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Anybody who does blogging for business certainly got a kick out of the story from Business Insider earlier this week entitled “How to Blog Your Way Out of that Entry-level Job.” In it, the blogger Cassie outlines the must-have blogging tips for success for millennials who are currently displeased with their jobs (aka all of them). We can’t argue with her advice as she herself has an uber successful blog at She paints a great picture of how blogging can become the career of your dreams — but we wondered: How can company bloggers tap into this kind of magic?

We’d encourage fledgling small business bloggers to take Cassie’s tips for a spin. Ideas like following businesses you want to be like on Twitter and how to garner media coverage are incredibly valuable. But we would also like to add our thoughts: The biggest thing you can do for your company blog to make it a must-read success boils down to two simple words — Keep Blogging. Sure, that sounds easy. But if it’s so easy, why do 9 out of 10 company blogs cease to exist after the first year? Because blogging takes daily, consistent creativity. Because finding topics is hard. And because finding an audience is even harder. The very act of continuing to blog in spite of zero readers and stagnant content is daunting indeed. This is why we think “keep blogging” is the hardest but best thing you can do for your company blog.

Just think if brands who rock blogging like Whole Foods or Southwest Airlines threw their hands up and quit in the beginning when things were tough? The point is if you want to have a successful blog, the first thing you need to have is content. Good content that shows up regularly for people to read. So keep blogging, for crying out loud.

But that’s our time-tested blogging tip. What words of wisdom/inspiration about blogging would you like to share with us, readers?

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